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Are you looking for a baby shower gift idea? These 12 month onesies are a great gift or make them for yourself. As your baby grows each month take a picture. You will be amazed at how fast they grow through the first year of life.

diy 12 month onesies


  • White fabric transfer paper
  • 12 white onesies of various sizes that will correspond to each month
  • Ink jet printer
  • Scissors
  • Iron/Ironing board

12 month onesies baby shower gift idea

Create your own 12 month onesies

  1. Print out your design on white fabric transfer paper. Make sure you print the mirror image. What prints should look backwards to you. You can find the printable numbers here for a boy and girl version.
  2. Cut out your design and prep your onesies by ironing out the kinks your onesies.
  3. Place your cut out face down on the front side of the onesie. Make sure you read the directions that come with your white fabric transfer paper. In my case it told me to hold it there for 2 minutes total. I didn’t want to hold it in the same spot the whole time therefore I made circles and continuously moved the iron around while maintaining good pressure. Let it cool down before removing the backing (this may differ depending on your type of transfer paper)

12 month onesies baby shower gift idea

Here is the finished product:

12 month iron on baby onesies - baby shower gift idea

Each month take a picture of your baby in the onesie. Here is my son wearing the onesies.

diy baby 12 month onesies

As you notice in the picture I forgot to take a picture of my sweet baby boy when he turned 1. #momfail

It is fun to see how he has grown through the year!

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