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Hey busy momma! Are you looking for a fun activity for your toddler while you try to get some work done? Consider making a busy board for those little busy hands to hopefully give you a break to get stuff done. 

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A toddler and a baby sitting and playing with a busy board on the wall

Disclaimer: I make no guarantees that your child will play with this for hours. Hey kids are fickle! I can say that it is a toy that they will come back to again and again because it offers ways for children to explore and self entertain.

I wish I could say that I made this busy board on my own, but for this project I had the help of “grandpa” who likes to tinker with tools and woodworking. It was a nice gift from my dad for Christmas for my son.

Here is the list of supplies that was used:
  • Door knob on hinge
  • Door knocker
  • Door stopper
  • Magnet
  • Turning Wheel
  • Multiple Door locks
  • Chain door lock
  • Mirror
  • Bike Bell
  • Magnifying glass
  • Light switch and light that actually turns on
  • Bike lock
  • Combination lock (I do not expect that a child will learn to use a combination lock, but it does give them something to turn.)
  • String to tie

Honestly the board is a little over kill and I do not recommend having all of these items. I would only pick a handful of these items to include on your busy board. I feel like when you have too many items sometimes the novelty of an individual item gets lost is the masses.

My dad constructed two different versions.

Version 1:

diy busy board for toddlers

Version 2:

DIY busy board for toddlers

My top 5 must have items:

  1. Wall Door stopper: Kids just love to flick the door stopper and hear the noises it make.
  2. Metal rod with discs: This one you might have to get creative with and see what you can find. We found this different colored shape discs and drilled a hole through the middle and put it on a metal rod and screwed it to some wooden blocks. My son likes to move the shapes back and forth and we learn colors.
  3. Retractable key ring: This one gets a little annoying for me, but my son absolutely loves to pull on the key and have it recoil.
  4. Light switch: My son likes to flip the switch and turn on the light. Our original lights were plastic, but did not withstand the wear and tear of my kids. You may consider this light as an alternative to add to your board.
  5. Barrel bolt lock with hinge: This is something fun for them to fiddle with and see as they grow and start to figure out how it works.
This was a great gift and fun activity for my kids and one we will cherish!

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A toddler and a baby playing at a busy board on the wall