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Don’t every forget a birthday again! Check out this tutorial on how to create your own family birthday sign!

diy family birthday sign


  • Wooden base
  • Wood letters: F A M I L Y
  • wooden discs
  • small hooks
  • paint of various colors
  • scrapbook paper
  • paint pen
family birthday sign

How to create your family birthday sign

First, paint your wooden base. I did two coats of paint to make it the color I wanted.

Next you can either paint your individual letters or I chose to glue scrapbook paper to each letter using wood glue.

Before painting your wooden discs drill a hole towards the edge at the top and bottom of each disc. Make sure you are not too close to the edge because the hole can weaken the wood and in some cases it broke.

Next, paint your wooden discs. I used one color to go with each family.

family birthday sign wooden discs

For the top row I used grey for the months. Here is a picture of the project laid out waiting for me to put the metal rings on and assemble it together.

I used little hooks at the bottom of the wooden base and on each disc put a little ring through the hole to chain the wooden discs together.

On one side of the disc I wrote the person’s name and the number. On the back of the disc I wrote the birth year that way you can know how old they are.

Here is my finished family birthday sign!

family birthday sign

Now it is your turn! You never will forget a birthday ever again!