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Witches, goblins and ghosts Oh my! Get into the Halloween spirit and create a spooky new Halloween wreath for your door.

DIY Halloween Wreath – supplies

orange and black Halloween wreath decoration

How to create your own spooky Halloween wreath

  1. Wrap orange color ribbon or fabric around the wreath form using a pin to adhere it to the back of the foam. Keep wrapping the ribbon all the way around until you cover the entire surface. (Honestly if I were to do this project again I would use fabric over the ribbon. Yes the ribbon is easy in that it is already pre-cut, but the ribbon I used had too much structure, which made it harder to wrap around the foam and have nice lines and smooth surface.)
  2. Making the spider web was a little tricky. Adhere a piece of yarn to one side using pins and then make a line across and adhere the other side. (I wish I had pictures for you, but I wasn’t good about documenting my progress with this craft – sorry) Using another piece of yarn start the same way. For this second piece I didn’t go straight across I looped it around the first one and then adhered it to where it made more of a triangle. This way it will create a little tension on the string. I then did this to the opposite side to counteract each other. To make the web start in the center and then wrap it around each section as you make your way around to the outside.
  3. Paint your wooden B O O letters and then I adhered them to the wreath using hot glue.
  4. Make sure you add a spider on your web. I used a pre cut spider from a Halloween decoration pack.
Halloween wreath hanging on a door

Looking for more Halloween craft inspiration?

These easy DIY reversible wood blocks are a perfect addition to your holiday decorations. On one side is for Halloween and then turn it over for Thanksgiving.

diy reversible halloween and thanksgiving craft