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Looking for some ideas to do with your special someone? Whether you are still dating or have been married for years it is important to keep fostering your relationship. Check out these date ideas in jar.

Date Jar: How does it work?

In order for your date jar to work you need to come up with a plan. Life gets busy and you need to make time and have a plan for your regular date nights. Whether that is once a week or once every other week depending on your schedule just make sure you both agree and decide on when you will have your date nights.

Date ideas in a date jar

Here is a list of date ideas:

  1. Recreate your first date
  2. Do a craft together
  3. Play frisbee in the park
  4. Go to a sports game
  5. Go mini golfing
  6. Play cards
  7. Go on a walk
  8. Record a YouTube video
  9. Take a painting class
  10. Go to a museum
  11. Popcorn & movie of her choice
  12. Popcorn & movie of his choice
  13. Go to a comedy club
  14. Scattegories Date: Roll dice & everything has to start with that letter
  15. Watch a sports movie & eat food you would find at a concession stand
  16. Take a pottery class
  17. Play basketball/ HORSE
  18. Go to the driving range
  19. Video Game Marathon
  20. Play a board game
  21. Go for a hike
  22. Do a puzzle & order a pizza
  23. Go to a water park
  24. Go to a Play
  25. Take a dance class together
  26. Go to Goodwill & find $5 gifts for each other
  27. Cookbook dinner – grab a cookbook and make a 4 course meal
  28. Treat yourself- go to the outlet stores and buy one new thing each

I created a printable for you to easily print this list for yourself.


  • Mason Jar
  • Letter stickers or craft Vinyl
  • Printable list of date ideas
  • Scissors or cutter

Create your date jar:

  1. Print the sheet of date ideas or come up with your own
  2. Use scissors or a paper cutter to cut individual pieces (I designed the printable to work easy with paper cutter)
  3. Fold the pieces and place them in the jar
  4. Using a vinyl cutting machine cut out “date jar” or use letter stickers and attach them to the jar
  5. I had some adhesive craft paper and cut it into a circle to put on the lid of my jar to add a little extra flair.

Now make a plan, choose a date and make some memories!


date ideas in a jar