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Looking for ideas on what to get your family for Christmas this year? Try creating somethings special for them that adds that personal touch. I know personally it means a lot when someone puts in that extra effort instead of getting me a store bought item.  Here are 6 hand crafted Christmas gift ideas.

6 handmade christmas gift ideas

6 Christmas Gift Ideas that are hand crafted and from the heart

Over the years I have created different hand crafted gifts for Christmas and here is a list of some of my favorites.

1. DIY Silhouette Nativity Scene

I really like the look of Silhouette crafts. I made this Silhouette Nativity scene using my Cricut cutting machine. Just take the backing off of the picture frame for the clear glass effect.

DIY nativity silhouette

Here is a second smaller version of the nativity scene:


2. Easy Framed Menu Sign

This fun and easy to make menu sign is a great addition to the kitchen. 

Christmas gift ideas diy menu sign

Cut out the letters using your Cricut or Silhouette cutting machine. Find a frame and pick a fun scrapbook paper pattern for the background.


3. Personalized Name Wall Art

These fun personalized wall art adds that extra touch. It is cool how you can see letters in nature. 

If the last name is too long you could always spell out LOVE!


3. Changeable Holiday Pillows

If you want to bust out your sewing skills these easy to make holiday pillows are a fun Christmas gift idea. Make a pillow for each major holiday and it is the gift that keeps on giving throughout the year. They will be able to change out the pillow for each holiday. Check out the full tutorial to make these holiday pillows.

changeable holiday pillow decorations

Here is another one I made for St. Patricks day:

christmas gift idea changeable holiday pillows St. Patricks day

4. Changeable holiday Printables

To go with the same theme you could give them a fun picture frame and subway printables for each of the major holidays.

christmas gift idea changeable holiday printables

6. Personalized family calendar

Every 2 years or so I take on the big task of messaging all of my extend family members and creating a personalized calendar for my grand parents. Each month focuses on a different family. Adding a picture to the calendar for each persons birthday is one of my favorite features.

christmas gift idea personalized wall calendar

My grandma has a cool wood display calendar holder. I found this one which is a little different. It is fun to see the calendar on the wall whenever we go visit.

hand crafted christmas gift ideas wall calendar

I hope this has been helpful. Good luck with your hand crafted holiday gifts.