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Looking for an easy gift idea? Check out this fun personalized family wall art idea.

DIY Personalized Family Wall Art

If I have the mental energy and time I always love to create a personalized gift for our family. I love the idea of giving them something unique and from the heart.


How to create your Personalized Family Wall Art

This “craft” is more about gathering supplies and assembling it together than it is crafting something. This can be a nice personalized “craft” that you don’t actually have to spend a whole lot of time crafting.

personalized family wall art 1

Gather your Supplies:

This project really only needs the letter and a frame. Check out these fun letters. I love how you can make letters out of things you might see everyday on your walk around town.

personalized family wall art 2

Obviously the longer the last name the more expensive your frame will be.

Here I did a last name that was 6 letters long.

personalized family wall art 3

I definitely like the personalized touch and giving my family something unique.

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