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Looking for a 4th of July craft idea? Try this easy to make red, white and blue flower wreath. Wreaths are a fun way to show your patriotic spirit!

red, white and blue flower wreath on blue door for 4th of July

Easy to make 4th of July Wreath:


How to Create Your Red, White, Blue Flower Wreath

Prep your flowers

My flowers came in a bunch so using some wire cutters I cut the flowers off of the stems leaving a quarter to a half of an inch left. You want just a little extra to give you the option to poke it into the foam depending on how you want your flower to sit. You can always trim more off later if you need to.

Attaching the flowers to the foam

To attach the flowers to the foam base I used some flower pins and hot glue. Depending on the angle you can poke the remaining flower step into the foam and then use some hot glue to adhere it in place. Arrange the flowers around the wreath.

Here is a picture of the back of the wreath where you can see I attached the flower using the flower pin and hot glue.

back of red, white and blue flower wreath for 4th of July

Here is another picture from the back:

red, white, and blue 4th of july wreath back view

How to hang it on the wall:

My little hack for adding ribbon to the back to help hang it on the wall is I just stick a couple of pins into each side of ribbon and it creates a little space for the hook. Nothing fancy, but it works!

Here is a view from the front:

4th of wreath hanging on a door

I love how it looks on my blue front door!

red, white, and blue flower wreath hanging on blue front door for 4th of July

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