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Looking for a fun craft idea for St. Patrick’s Day? Try this easy to make St. Patrick’s Day Wreath. This is a perfect addition to your stash of holiday decorations and it looks great on the front door. Check out the tutorial below to learn how to make your very own St. Patrick’s Day Wreath.

st patricks day wreath on door

DIY St. Patrick's Day Wreath


How to create your own St. Patrick's Day Wreath

St. Patrick’s Day is a fun minor holiday between Valentine’s Day and Easter. After all green is a nice change from all the pink and red with Valentines Day. 

Step 1: Cutting the fabric

Initially you want to prep the fabric. Iron out your piece of fabric and then cut about 1-1.5 inch strips.

Step 2: Wrap the heart wreath form in fabric

Starting at the back of the heart wreath form adhere the end of the fabric with a straight pin and then wrap the fabric continuously around your wreath form. Keep your tension firm to reduce wrinkles. Since it is a heart and has rounded corners it gets a little tricky at the transition points. Repeat this process for all 4 heart shapes.

St Patrick's Day wreath

Step 3: Assemble your four leaf clover

To adhere the 4 points in the middle I used cardboard wrapped in fabric. Check out the image below with the view from the back to see what I mean. 

Back view of St Patrick's Day wreath

When you put the hearts together to create your four leaf clover the angle of the points are not 90 degrees so each of the sides do not completely touch the leaf next to it. To get them to stay together I put a piece of card board at the back and using a straight pin I adhered it to each of the heart wreath forms. I then used a glue gun in the cracks and crevices to give it some additional support. Honestly I was a little worried about this part, but it has held together well. 

To hang it up I used some green ribbon and used some straight pins to adhere it to the wreath.

St Patrick's Day wreath make of 4 heart wreath forms to make a four leaf clover

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