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Looking for a new craft idea to decorate your home for Thanksgiving? Try this easy to make DIY Tulle Thanksgiving Wreath. It is a perfect addition to your front door.

Looking for Thanksgiving decoration ideas? Check out this easy DIY Tulle Thanksgiving Wreath. It is a perfect addition for your front door. #thanksgiving #decoration #thanksgivingdecoration #holidayideas #crafts #diy

Easy DIY Thanksgiving Tulle Wreath


How to create a Tulle wreath:

I decided to go with 5 different fall colors for this project: purple, yellow, light orange, orange and red.

DIY Thanksgiving wreath

Using scissors I cut the Tulle 28 inches long originally. (After you get the wreath put together you can easily cut more off if it seems too long)

DIY Thanksgiving Wreath

Fold the tulle in half and place the tulle on the back side of the foam. create a loop in the middle and then thread the rest of the tulle through the whole wrapping around the foam. 

diy thanksgiving wreath

Alternate through the various colors and continue to wrap around the foam.

Here is a picture after I got finished wrapping the tulle all the way around the wreath

To finish it off I added some decorative foliage to the wreath.

This project was a great addition to my Thanksgiving decorations. 

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