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Looking for a new Valentine’s Day craft? Try these fun yarn wrapped love letters. Find a new way to say I L-O-V-E you to the special people in your life!

yarn wrapped love letters valentine's day

Valentine’s Day Craft Idea:


How to create yarn wrapped letters

When you work with yarn be prepared for it to be more work than it initially seems. The one thing about yarn wrapped letters is each letter has its own unique challenges. For the letter L I wanted to be able to wrap the yarn continuously around the letter horizontally. Before I could do this I had some prep work to do. I cut individual pieces of yarn to go along the top of the letter perpendicularly and adhered the yarn down with glue.

For the bottom part of the L I used the same technique for the initial base of the L and then I wrapped yarn vertically around where I was able to. After this initial prep work I was then able to wrap the entire rest of the letter horizontally.

Here is a completed view of the letter L.

Letter O – For the letter O I decided to wrap it in red yarn. If you are like me and want things to look perfect than the letter O will be a challenge for you. When wrapping the letter O the outside of the circle is longer than the inside of the shape. What this means is you will get bunching on the inside in order to wrap the entire outside. It is a little annoying for those of us who want it to look perfect.

Letter V – Similar to the letter L you will need to cut small pieces of yarn and adhere them along the top and the bottom part of the V with glue. Next, Wrap each section of the different sides of the V horizontally around and then wrap around the base.

Letter E – For the letter E I wrapped the yarn vertically around each of the 3 extensions first. I then cut small pieces to go around the initial base at the top and bottom and used glue to adhere them. Finally I wrapped the yarn horizontally around the rest of the letter.

Here is another view:

When I hung it up on my wall I used a heart shaped wreath instead of the O (tutorial coming soon).

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